• Keep
    The Keep is the central hub from which you are able to manage all of your battlefield operations. From here, you can track the movements of your deployed forces, manage captured locations and keep a close eye on your opposition.

    Upgrade the Keep to be able develop other important buildings in your Stronghold.

    The Keep contains several interface tabs:

    "Stronghold" - Displays the quantity and type of Units currently stationed at your Stronghold and in your Catacombs, as well the number of Units sent to your Stronghold as Reinforcements.

    "Stashes" – Displays information on all currently occupied Stashes.

    "Garrisons" - Here you can view and manage:
    - Units currently stationed outside of your Stronghold
    - Reinforcements at other players' Strongholds or Settlements.

    "In Transit" - Displays Galley and Unit movements to and from your Stronghold.

    "Info" – Displays the current Level of your Keep, its Fire Ale production rate, and the requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to upgrade it.
  • Clan Hall
    Build the Clan Hall to join or create a Clan, and interact with members of your Clan afterwards. You can use the Embassy to organize and manage your Clan, view information about existing Clans, or create your own (see the "Clans" section for more).
  • Orcish Dirigible
    Orcish Dirigible allows to gather information on your surrounding area and find new Battlegrounds and Settlements around your Stronghold. Upgrading your Orcish Dirigible increases its range, allowing you to find additional locations of interest on the Map. All locations detected by the Dirigible will be displayed on the Battle Menu accesible from the icon on the bottom left of the screen.

    Go to the Battle Menu and open the "Battlegrounds" tab to see new Battlegrounds around your Stronghold. This tab also displays other information, such as Battleground Level, coordinates, and distance from your Stronghold. From here you can also go directly to Battlegrounds on the Map or send an attack.

    Upgrading your Orcish Dirigible increases its range, allowing you to find additional resource points on the Map.

    Note: Your Orcish Dirigible's Level determines the number and range of Stashes it can find, not Battlegrounds.
  • Magic Mine
    After signing the required Blood Pacts, you can build the Magic Mine.

    Once built, you'll be able to exchange excess Fish and Mushrooms for a special Resource, Magic. Magic can be used to hire powerful Magical Units.

    At the Magic Mine, you can:
    - Exchange Fish and Mushrooms in return for Magic;
    - Exchange Mushrooms, Fish, and Emeralds for Magic instantaneously;
    - See the amount of Magic you currently possess.
  • Catacombs
    The Catacombs can secure your Units and Resources in the event of an attack. Units inside the Catacombs will be protected in the event of a Raid - but also unable to participate in your Stronghold's defense.

    While there is no limit to the number and type of Units that can be secured in the Catacombs, the amount of Resources that are automatically stored in your Catacombs is determined by its upgrade level.

    The Catacombs has 2 interface tabs:
    1. "Info" - This tab displays the amount of your Resources that will be protected in your Catacombs at its current upgrade level. You will also see the amount of Resources required to upgrade it.
    2. "In Catacombs" - This tab allows you to view the Units you currently have in your Catacombs, add more, or return them to active duty.

    All secured Units are displayed at Keep (under the "Stronghold" tab).
    It takes less than one minute to send Units to the Catacombs. If your Stronghold has been successfully scouted, your hidden army will not be listed in the Enemy's Report.
  • Rune Temple
    You must build the Rune Temple to use and store Runes. Upgrade the Rune Temple to combine Runes of a higher Level. All Runes you gain are stored in the "Activation Room" at your Rune Temple. To view a Rune's attributes, simply place your cursor over it. To use a Rune place it into any open Activation Slot on the "Activation Board". Runes are permanent and will continue to grant bonuses until replaced or removed.

    After activation, you can move Runes safely from Level 5 and higher back to your "Activation Room" ONLY with the help of a Removal Spell.