Elixir/Infused Units

  • Overview
    Any Clan that conquers an Obelisk must defend it from increasingly powerful waves of the Ice Queen's Units. With each successful defensive battle against the Cold Legions, your Clan will receive Elixir for all Risen Units eliminated in the battle. This magical Elixir can be used to grant "Infused" status to your Units - reducing their Fire Ale consumption, increasing their strength, and improving their overall effectiveness in battle. All Elixir received for defeating the Ice Queen's Units will be delivered to the Obelisk where the battle took place, and can be accessed by any member of the Clan that had Units participating in the battle.

    Elixir can be moved between all Obelisks controlled by a single Clan, but be aware that some may be lost due to theft and corruption in transit. The greater the distance between Obelisks, the more Elixir will be "lost" along the way.
  • Upgrading Obelisks
    Different Unit classes are able to be upgraded to "Infused" status depending on each Obelisk's Level of development. The higher the Level, the more types of Units can be upgraded:

    Level 2 - Northmen
    Level 3 - Orcs
    Level 4 - Elves
    Level 5 - Dragons.

    Bear in mind that each Obelisk will be classified as a higher priority target for the Cold Legions with each additional upgrade Level, attracting larger forces to attack and retake it. The successful defense of Obelisks against larger forces will in turn provide you with more Elixir, with which you may create more Infused Units. Developed Obelisks will also receive more Elixir for each Cold Legion Unit killed, as well as a higher overall Defense Bonus.
  • Transferring Elixir
    The Clan Chief and Clan Advisor are able to move Elixir between all Obelisks controlled by their Clan. However, be aware that some may be lost in transit. The respective distance and development Levels between different Obelisks will determine how much Elixir will be "lost" on the way.
  • Infusion
    To grant Infused Status to your Units, send Units to one of your Clan's Obelisks and open the "Infusion" window. Select the number and type of Units you wish to upgrade to Infused status and press "Infuse". You can review the Obelisk's Unit upgrade history from the "History" window within the Obelisk interface.