• Magic - Overview
    Magic is a special resource that is extracted from Magic Mines and Magic Mills. It allows you to hire a special class of Units called, appropriately enough, Magic Units. When you have enough Magic, you can hire Enchanted Huntsmen, Imbued Arbalesters, Orc Bloodwitches, Eldritch Behemoths, Spitewings, Avatars of Viskarax, Drakling Rangers, and Grukk-Back Spearshooters.

    To receive Magic, you must first go to the Magic Mine where you can get magic in exchange for Mushrooms and Fish from the Miners.

    The amount of Resources you choose to exchange is completely up to you. If you exchange both 500 Fish and 500 Mushrooms, in 1 hour you will receive 500 Magic. The exchange ratio is always the same; however, selecting shorter periods of time will increase the speed at which your trades are returned and you are rewarded with Magic. Simply choose the desired amount of Magic and press the "Exchange" button.

    You may also choose to spend Emeralds to instantly exchange Resources for Magic. You can do this by choosing the desired amount of Magic you wish to receive and pressing the "Get" button.

    The amount of Magic you can hold is limited by the capacity of your Storehouse. Upgrade your Storehouses to store more Magic.