Frequently Asked Questions

  • I've completed all the required steps but the task won't complete.
    1. Read the instructions carefully. Make sure that you've completed all of the steps exactly as indicated, and that any steps that require time to complete have finished - (e.g. that you've signed the right Blood Pacts; waited for a raid to complete successfully, etc.)

    2. If you have done everything correctly, try clearing your browser cache and reloading the page.
  • How can I restart the game from the beginning?
    You can't. There are no dead ends in the game, and therefore there is no need, and no way, to restart on the same account. Don't worry - even if you make some mistakes in the beginning, there's always a way to catch up with your enemies and even surpass them! A good tip is to fulfill the tasks in the exact order in which they are given. Any deviation can mean you use up your Resources too quickly and possibly slow down your development. If this happens, just wait until you produce enough Resources to continue.

    One person registering multiple accounts for this game violates both Plarium and Facebook's multi-account policies and may result in restricted game access or a ban.
  • How can I use Emeralds?
    Emeralds are a special resource that can be spent to give you extra advantages in the game. You can:
    - Boost the speed of your building construction, along with Unit upgrades and training,
    - Boost Resource production
    - Purchase Resources, Units, and other useful Items at the Black Market.

    Purchase additional Emeralds at the Bank by selecting the 'Bank' button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can get free Emeralds in several ways - completing various in-game tasks, leveling up, placing in the top Ranking positions, or by completing Achievements.
  • Can I send Emeralds to other players?
    No. You cannot trade, exchange, or gift Emeralds to other players.
  • Where are my Emeralds for completing missions?
    All Emeralds received for completing missions and achievements are added to your account automatically when the task is complete - click "Claim Reward" or "Claim" to receive these Emeralds.

    If, after checking your purchases, you are 100% sure there has been an error and the Emeralds have failed to appear, please contact our Support Team.
  • Can I cancel an attack/construction/signing/upgrade?
    Yes, you may cancel these actions within 50 seconds of initiating them by pressing the "x" icon in the construction or tracking panel. You will recover 80% of the Resources spent for any resource-based action you cancel.
  • When can I attack other Strongholds?
    You may begin attacking other Strongholds as soon as you have Units, but you may want to wait until you are sure that you are strong enough to do so. Take note of the following information:

    Users registered for less than 3 days fall under novice player protection. These players can attack other protected Strongholds; however, high-level players cannot attack protected Strongholds unless the protected player attacks them first. Any new player that attacks a player who has been in-game for over 3 days will LOSE THEIR PROTECTED STATUS! If two users initiate a conflict with each other while both have been playing the game for less than 3 days, the conflict will continue regardless of the users' future relative levels or time in-game.
  • How do I modify or remove existing buildings?
    Press the "Edit" button in the main window. You may also use the edit function to upgrade your Fortifications to higher levels.
  • What do I do if I'm being harassed by a player?
    This is a highly competitive massive multiplayer strategy game. While we ask that all players treat each other with courtesy and respect, "acts of aggression" are a fundamental part of this game, and anything allowed by the game rules is considered fair play. For example, repeated raids are not considered abusive behavior: they're an integral part of the game. Try building a large army and fighting back, joining a Clan, or asking friends to help you.

    If a player becomes verbally abusive, use the "Block User" option to add the user to your Blacklist. You will no longer receive messages from blocked users. If a user continues to engage in abusive or threatening behavior as outlined by the game policies on our website, file a report with our Customer Support team, including as much detail as possible. If you feel physically threatened, contact your local law enforcement.
  • Why do I acquire 0 Resources after Raids?
    You start the game with 10 Raid attempts per day. Once you have used up your Raid limit, you will regain one more Raid attempt every 2.5 hours. If you conduct additional Raids past this limit, you will still be able to attack your opponent's Stronghold, but will recover no Resources.
  • I don't see my Raid points reflected in the Rankings.
    Raid ranking points are calculated based on the difference between the Resources you've seized and the Resources that have been stolen from your Stronghold. If your Resource balance is negative, no Raid points will be added.
  • Why didn't I recover any reward from Battlegrounds?
    You will not necessarily receive a payout for successful completion of missions on Battlegrounds. As you engage Battlegrounds, you are earning cumulative credit towards payouts of Units or Resources. The way your credit pays out is randomized between different types and numbers of Units, Resources, or special mission items. Don't get discouraged: the longer you go between payouts, the larger your eventual bonus will be!
  • I purchased a new Stronghold Skin, but my Stronghold still looks the same.
    If you have already purchased a Stronghold Skin at the Black Market, but don’t see any changes on the map, clear your browser cache and refresh the page to see the new Skin.
  • What do I need Fortifications for?
    There are two kinds of Fortifications - passive and active.

    Passive Fortifications include things like Gates. These additions contribute to your Stronghold's total defense bonus, granting all of your defensive Units bonuses and improving their effectiveness when fighting off attackers. This bonus will only be applied to defensive units currently garrisoned in your Stronghold and outside of your Catacombs.

    Active defenses include Cannons and Siege Turrets. Unlike Gates, Cannons and Siege Turrets will actively participate in defensive battles just like one of your regular Units – but unlike normal Units, when they're damaged they can be repaired for free by you as many times as needed. Active defenses also contribute to your overall Stronghold Defense Bonus.
  • I outnumbered my enemy, but still lost all my Units. Why?
    All Units fall into one of two categories: Offensive and Defensive. The role of the Units and their total Offensive/Defensive rating when pitted against each respective Unit category is used to calculate the outcome of each battle – not the total number of units. If your Stronghold was attacked while only protected by Offensive Units, they will most likely be unable to repel the attack as their defensive stats are too low. Remember to use Offensive Units for attacks and Defensive Units for defense. If you deploy them together, both will fight in Defensive and Offensive battles and you run the risk of sustaining heavy losses. In addition to the number of Units and their roles, the outcome of the battle is also determined by each Unit's individual statistics, the players' relative Stronghold Defense Bonuses, Reinforcements, their respective upgrade levels, and the bonuses from your Champion's Skills, Equipment, and so on.
  • I killed all enemy Units, but lost the battle. Why?
    When you attack a Stronghold, your battle report shows only those enemy Units that you have killed, not the total number of enemy forces garrisoned at the location. Dispatch Scouts before deploying an attack: successful scout reports will show the exact number of Units at an enemy Stronghold or other location.
  • I attacked an unclaimed Settlement, but there were enemy Units. Why?
    All new Settlements that appear on the Map start off as vacant and unclaimed. If a player sends Defensive Units to a Settlement as Reinforcements, the Settlement will still be shown on the Map as an unclaimed location. Remember that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Dispatch your Scouts to a Settlement before occupying it to avoid falling into an enemy’s trap.
  • How do I find my user ID?
    Press the "Guide" icon, found along the bar on the top menu. Your user ID is shown in the bottom-left part of the window.

    For example: uid 311 / fb11347969 / segment01.

    Simply select your ID to copy it to your clipboard.
  • I see overlapping images in Google Chrome. What should I do?
    If you have problems correctly viewing the game in Google Chrome (for example, if images overlap the top menu or you are unable to view the "Bank" menu), try the following:

    1. Enter "chrome://plugins" (without quotations) in the browser's address bar.
    2. Disable "Shockwave Flash" in the Plug-ins window.
    3. Reload the game.
    4. You'll see a message stating that Flash player is required to run the application. Press "Download Flash player".
    5. Close all Google Chrome windows and re-launch.
    6. Log in to the game.

    If you still have any issues or concerns, please contact the Plarium Support team.
  • What happens if I don't visit my resource buildings to collect resources?
    Even if you don't collect from your Resource buildings, 50% of all Resources produced in your Stronghold will still continue to accumulate in your permanent storage automatically. The other 50% of all Fish and Mushrooms produced will be stored in each building's internal storage, and must be transferred to permanent storage manually. As you upgrade these buildings, both their production rate and their internal storage space will increase.
  • Можно ли отправить Сапфиры другу?
  • Как увеличить производство Мяса?
    Чтобы увеличить производство Мяса, поднимай уровень своих Ферм и Амбара. Также ты можешь увеличить доход на 25% в течение 3-х дней за Сапфиры.
  • What are Fireborn Points and how do I get them?
    Fireborn Points count towards the Level of your Fireborn Status, which, when activated, grants you powerful boosts, bonuses, and improves the statistics of your Units and Stronghold. You earn Fireborn Points just by logging into the game each day. For each consecutive day you log into the game, you will be rewarded with an increasing number of Fireborn Points. The longer your run of consecutive days, the more Points you can earn.

    As your total Fireborn Points increase, so will your Fireborn Level and the power of your accompanying bonuses when your Fireborn Status is activated.

    You may also acquire Fireborn Points by purchasing them at the Black Market directly.
  • What is my Fireborn Status and how do I activate it?
    Your Fireborn Status is a special gameplay modifier that grants powerful boosts and bonuses to the statistics of both your Stronghold and Units for a set period of time when activated.

    Your Fireborn Status has multiple Levels. Collect Fireborn Points to increase the Level of your Fireborn Status. Upon completion of each Level, Fireborn Status will automatically be activated on your account for 24 hours. With each new Level gained, you will be rewarded with increasingly larger bonuses, boosts, and other rewards.

    To activate your Fireborn Status, you must use Fireborn Activators that can be earned by participating in special game events, or purchased at the Black Market from the "Misc." tab. Keep in mind that once activated, your Fireborn Status cannot be canceled or aborted early.

    To activate your Fireborn Status, go to the Black Market, open the "Misc." tab and click the "Apply" button next to the Fireborn Activator. Once your Fireborn Status has expired, you must manually reactivate it.
  • What is the Daily Battle Roll?
    The Daily Battle Roll is a special loyalty program that will help you to receive valuable rewards for just logging in the game every day.

    Visit the game every day to receive huge bonuses. Every 30 days you will be able to receive unique prizes. The days are separated by 00:00, UTC time. or Daily rewards refresh at 00:00, UTC time

    As you progress through the Daily Battle Roll, your rewards and prizes will increase in size, so make sure you don't miss any days!

    If you would like to view your Daily Battle Roll progress, all you need to do is go to the Fireborn Status window and open the Daily Battle Roll Tab.
  • Что делать, если здание не помещается в замок?
    Воспользуйся кнопкой "Редактировать" и расположи объекты в замке более экономично или расширь свой замок, пригласив друзей или заплатив Сапфиры.
  • Кто платит за войска в подкреплении?
    Твои войска потребляют только твои запасы Мяса, где бы они не находились.
  • Почему у меня не добавляется рейтинг по грабежам?
    В рейтинге учитывается не только количество награбленного тобой, но и то, сколько награбили у тебя. Если баланс по ресурсам отрицательный, то в рейтинг ты не попадешь.
  • Как освободиться от Осады?
    Тебя может освободить друг, если пришлет войска в подкрепление, или ты можешь освободиться сам, построив достаточное для боя количество войск и нажав кнопку "Освободиться" под рамкой захватчика.
  • Когда начисляются очки за Осаду?
    Очки начисляются сразу, но отобразиться они могут через минуту или две.
  • Как мне повысить уровень своих войск?
    Ты можешь это сделать в Зале Открытий, улучшив соответствующее тем или иным войскам Открытие. Либо кликнуть по уровню в описании юнита, нажав на "Подробнее" над картинкой.
  • Могу ли я ускорить производство войск?
    Ускорение действует на одну очередь постройки, ту которая строится в данный момент и возле которой есть кнопка ускорения.
  • Я уже использовал 10 попыток грабежа...
    Тебе будет добавляться по одному грабежу каждые 2,5 часа.
  • У друга 5 Залежей руды и 4 Лагеря, а у меня...
    Так и должно быть. Каждый замок попал в определенную, по наличию ресурсов, часть континента. Попробуй извлечь из этого выгоду, обменивайся ресурсами с другими игроками на Рынке.
  • Можно ли узнать о надвигающейся разведке?
    Когда замок разведали, ты увидишь отчет об этом у Префекта. Шпионы передвигаются скрытно, ты не можешь увидеть их в пути.
  • Я хочу расширить замок, но у меня стоят стены Укреплений...
    Нижний правый и левый края отступят на размер расширения. Количество купленных секций стены не изменится. Но поскольку квадрат станет больше, в заборе появятся незащищенные места. Докупив новые секции Укреплений, пробелы можно закрыть.
  • What's the difference between Settlements and Stashes?
    Both Settlements and Stashes are sites on the Battle Map where you can get of one of the three main types of Resources (Fire Ale, Fish or Mushrooms), or special Resources like Emeralds or Magic.


    There are three sizes of Settlements: large, medium and small. The rate of Resources offered up by the citizens of a Settlement, and its storage capacity, depend on its size. The bigger a Settlement, the more Resources it yields per hour, and the larger its capacity.

    You will find Stashes of different sizes on the Map according to your level in the game. The speed at which you can load Resources from a Stash depends on the update Level of your Packenfjord Blood Pact, and the amount of Resources you can collect in one go is determined by the collective carrying capacity of the Defensive Units you have stationed at the site.


    When a Settlement is depleted, it is removed from the Map. The time remaining until a Settlement's depletion is displayed on the pop-up Map menu and in your Keep . A Stash doesn't have a set lifetime. It will be removed from the Map when it is emptied of Resources, or if no one has attacked or captured it for an extended period of time.

    When new Settlements or Stashes appear on the Map, they are vacant and unguarded – so try to be first to capture one! Any player can view the number of Resources currently stored there by positioning their cursor over the site.
  • I earned additional Raid Attempts, but I can't use them. Why?
    You can increase your daily limit for Raid attempts by Activating your Fireborn Status (at higher Fireborn levels, this is one of the bonuses; check the Fireborn Bonuses window to see if you qualify).

    If you earn, for example, 4 extra Raid attempts, it does not mean that you can go raid 4 Strongholds right away. What these "extra Raid attempts" mean is that the cooldown between Raids is reduced.

    Without these "extra Raid attempts", you receive a new Raid attempt only every 2.5 hours. This means that you could only perform a maximum of 10 in a day. Now, for example, with your Fireborn Status activated for 24 hours, the cooldown time between Raid Attempts is decreased to the point where you could fit in 4 additional Raid Attempts in a 24 hour period, and you can now raid your enemies 14 times instead of 10 in one day!