Quests and Missions

  • Battle Marks
    You can use Battle Marks to get access to unique Blood Pacts that are required to train new units and unlock other game features. Once you've collected enough Battle Marks, go to the Black Market, open the "Battle Marks" tab and select an item you wish to purchase

    Check the Black Market to view the full list of items and features you are able to purchase with Battle Marks.

    You can only earn Battle Marks by performing well in certain Global Tournaments. You cannot purchase Battle Marks using Fire Ale, Fish, Mushroom or Emeralds, nor can you exchange them or send them as gifts to other players. Other players can't claim Battle Marks from your Stronghold when raiding.
  • Saga Quests
    Attack and defend regular Battlegrounds in order to unlock new Saga Quests and earn exclusive rewards. There are a total of 24 Saga Quests available divided into multiple campaigns. By completing these Quests, you will have the opportunity to:

    - Receive new Units for your army.

    - Gain access to exclusive new storyline content.

    - Earn Experience Points and much more.


    Upon successfully completing their first Level 5 Battlegrounds, all players will gain access to the first Saga Quest in the new "Saga Quests" tab within the Battle Menu. To complete the Quests, you must attack or defend a special Battleground.

    Each quest can be played twice – once with Offensive forces and once with Defensive. However, the Saga Quest is complete after the first successful quest– playing the second time is entirely optional. Unlock additional Saga Quests by attacking or defending increasingly higher levels of Battlegrounds. Once completed, you will find the previous Quests by scrolling all the way to the right side of the Battle Menu Saga Quest interface.
  • Unlocking New Saga Quests
    To unlock further Saga Quests you must first complete the indicated Battlegrounds from the Battle Menu. Go to your Battle Menu and select the "Saga Quests" tab to what is required to unlock further Quests.
  • Daily Offerings
    Every day your commoners will be gently encouraged - by the use of maces - to deliver Offerings to you in the form of Special Rewards. Just wait for an Offering to appear, demand it, and come back and collect when it's ready. Getting these Offerings requires no battles, nor does it require using any Units or Resources!

    You will be notified of available Offerings 3 times a day, and each time you are able to Demand up to 8 new Offerings.

    Daily Offerings will expire if not demanded within 8 hours, and you will lose your chance to claim the reward.

    You may use Emeralds to reduce the time taken to Demand an Offering by clicking the "Boost" button.

    There are 3 categories of Daily Offerings:

    1. Individual – Every Lord Marshal can demand these Individual Offerings.
    2. Clan – Only Clan members are permitted to demand these Offerings.
    3. Fireborn - Activate your Fireborn Status to be able to demand Fireborn Offerings.

    Within each Daily Offering category, each one will fall into one of 5 classifications:

    - Small Offerings
    - Adequate Offerings
    - Reasonable Offerings
    - Generous Offerings
    - Extortionate Offerings

    Each classification differs in completion time and rarity. The higher the level of an Offering, the larger the reward you will receive!

    You will only be able to demand Daily Offerings after you have upgraded at least one Fire Ale Brewery to Level 4.