Player Interactions

  • In what ways can I interact with other players in the game?
    Interaction between players is the heart of the Nords: Heroes of the North gameplay experience. This covers all the different ways in which you can influence and engage with the other players.

    1. You can easily interact with your fellow Lord Marshals from the Map interface:
    Go to Map and click on another player's Stronghold.
    You can choose an action (Send Reinforcements, Raid, Send Message, etc.) from their Stronghold's pop-up menu.

    2. You can also interact with other players by visiting their Stronghold.
    Simply click on another Stronghold on the Map to visit it. Once there, choose the action you want to perform from the "Action" menu.

    Alternately, you can conduct most interactions from your Keep.
    Use your Keep and your Clan Hall to perform various military actions, as well as to carry out and take part in any Clan Missions.

    Read your reports to keep track of your military actions, any diplomatic changes, and any Resources exchanged between yourself and members of your Clan. You can also set different Filters to sort your reports for the most relevant information.
  • Scouting Missions
    Sign the Blood pact with Gorge of Whispers and build the Dragon Hatchery to begin purchasing Drakling Scouts and start performing Scouting missions.

    Dispatch Scouts to other players' Strongholds to gather information. Scouting missions allow you to gather information about the number and type of Units stationed at other Strongholds, as well as their current Resource Levels.

    Read your reports to view the outcome of your Scouting missions and review any information your Scouts may have gathered.

    To perform a successful mission, your Scouts must defeat any enemy scouts currently defending a location. The more Drakling Scouts you send, the higher the chances of the mission being successful.

    To perform a scouting mission, select the correct option on the target Stronghold's pop-up menu, on the map or "Contacts" window.
  • Raids
    Raiding rival Strongholds is the fastest, most satisfying way to earn extra Resources in the game. To conduct a Raid, choose the number and type of Units you want to send. If your Raid is successful, you will seize a certain number of Resources.

    The amount of Resources seized depends on the carrying capacity of the Units that survived the Raid. After the Raid, you will receive a report detailing the number of losses on both sides, and the amount of Resources your Units were able to return to your Stronghold. You can Raid any player except for your Clanmates.

    You start the day with 10 possible Raid attempts that may recover Resources. Once those 10 attempts are used, you will be granted new Raid attempts at the rate of 1 new Raid every 2.5 hours. Each Raid attempt is counted at the time your Units depart your Stronghold. This means that if you have used all 10 of your available Raids and send an 11th Raid, your Units may destroy enemies' Units, but will NOT recover any Resources.

    You can increase the number of Raid attempts by activating your Fireborn status, or by unlocking the required Skill.

    5% of captured Resources will be subtracted as the cost of the Raid.

    To perform a raid mission, select the relevant option from the target Stronghold's pop-up menu on the map, or from your "Contacts" list.

    All Units hidden in the Catacombs cannot be deployed on Raiding missions until they have been recalled.
    You can also raid other Strongholds directly from your Battle Reports - just open a Battle Report and press "Revenge!".
  • Reinforcements
    Send Reinforcements to support your Clanmates or defend locations.

    You can view Reinforcements other players have sent you from the "Stronghold" tab in your Keep. While you will be unable to command friendly Reinforcements, you may return them back to their rightful owner at any time.

    All Reinforcements you send will be maintained at your own expense. This means that if you send Reinforcements to another Stronghold, they will still be consuming your Fire Ale.

    To send Reinforcements to a Stronghold, use the Map location's pop-up menu from the game map, the "Actions" menu in the destination Stronghold, or your "Contacts" list.