Resource Buildings

  • What are Resource Buildings for?
    Resource buildings all manage different aspects of your Resource production and accumulation. The more Resource buildings you have and the higher their upgrade levels, the more Resources you can produce, accumulate, and spend on your war effort. You will need a mix of every Resource for Stronghold development and Unit production.

    Each Resource Building has an internal storage. While your resources will never stop accumulating, you may increase your resource flow by frequently clicking on your Resource Buildings to move Resources to your Storehouse.

    Upgrading your Alehouses allows you to accumulate and store more Fire Ale. A maximum of 3 Alehouses are permitted. Mushroom and Fish production is limited by the capacity of your Storehouses. Upgrading the Storehouses allows you to accumulate and store more Resources. A maximum of 3 Storehouses are permitted.
  • Shrine of Gorgoth
    The Shrine of Gorgoth allows you to speed up the rate at which your laborers collect Mushrooms and Fish – raising your Stronghold's overall Resource production. The production of each Resource will increase by 5% with each Upgrade level (up to a maximum Level of 6). The Shrine of Gorgoth has no Defensive capability and may be damaged by enemy attacks on your Stronghold, resetting any Upgrades. It can be repaired free of charge and takes 1 minute to repair.
    You may only build 1 Shrine of Gorgoth.

    To build the Shrine of Gorgoth, do the following:

    1. Select the construction site where you would like to place the Shrine of Gorgoth.
    2. Select the Shrine.
    3. Press "Build.
  • Stone of Summoning
    The Stone of Summoning allows you to improve your Fire Ale, Fish, and Mushroom production and earn rewards by inviting Friends. Open the "Statistics" tab to invite your Friends and receive rewards! The more Friends you invite, the more that join the game and the more of them that reach Level 15, the bigger the rewards you will receive.


    Amongst the rewards, you will also find a special item – Tokens. Use these Tokens to upgrade the Stone of Summoning and improve your Resource production. You may upgrade the building to a maximum Level of 10, which will provide a 20% increase to your Resource production.

    You can earn rewards for:
    1. Inviting Friends to join the game. Bear in mind that you will only get one reward per each player invited – repeat invites will not be counted.
    2. Each Friend that joins the game.
    3. Each Friend that reaches Level 15 in the game.

    You may only build 1 Stone of Summoning.