• Mushrooms, Fish, Fire Ale
    There are three main types of Resources in the Game - Mushrooms, Fish, and Fire Ale. You need them to construct Buildings, train Units, and sign Blood Pacts.

    Build and upgrade Mushroom Patches (for Mushrooms), Fisherman's Huts (for Fish), and Fire Ale Breweries (for Fire Ale) to gain more Resources. The amount of Resources you can store is limited by the capacity of your Storehouses and Alehouses. Upgrade them to be able to store more Resources.
    Upgrade at least one Mushroom Patch or Fisherman's Hut to Level 10 and build either the Great Toad or the Herring Raiders to increase the production rate of these Resources. Building the Aleworks will also lower Fire Ale consumption in your Stronghold.

    Mushrooms and Fish are stored in your Storehouses, while Fire Ale is stored in your Alehouses. The amount of Resources you are able to store in these buildings is limited by their capacity. You can build a maximum of 3 Storehouses and 3 Alehouses in your Stronghold.

    Any Resources stored in your Catacombs cannot be taken by your enemy when your Stronghold is under attack. Upgrade the Catacombs to protect your Resources.

    You can get Resources by producing them in your Stronghold, sending them to your Clanmates and as rewards for missions at Battlegrounds.

    If you sign all of the available Blood Pacts, you will be rewarded with a boost to your Mushroom and Fish production. Your boost will begin the day after you have signed every Blood Pact. Once a new Blood Pact appears, your Boost will be placed on hold until you sign the new Blood Pact; at which point the Boost will begin once again.
  • Why purchase Emeralds?
    Emeralds give you certain extra advantages in the game.

    You can use them to:
    - Boost the rate of your building construction and Unit production;
    - Sign Blood Pacts;
    - Purchase Resources, Units, and different Items at the Market;
    - Purchase Fortifications;
    - Buy Thrall to add an additional construction/upgrade queue to your Stronghold, allowing you to upgrade or add multiple buildings simultaneously.

    Players can earn Emeralds as rewards by completing various tasks in the game or by leveling up. You may purchase additional Emeralds at the Bank by selecting the "Bank" button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.