Blood Pacts

  • Overview
    Signing Blood Pacts grants you access to new Buildings and Units.

    Upgrade the Hall of Records to increase the speed of your Blood Pact update.

    Signing each Blood Pact requires Resources and time – the higher the level of the Blood Pact, the more Resources and time you will need. You need to sign the previous Blood Pact before you may begin signing new ones.
    To view the list of Blood Pacts, select the "Blood Pacts " icon on the right hand side of the screen, or go to the Hall of Records.

    Sign all available Blood Pacts to be awarded a boost to your Fish and Mushroom production. Your boost will begin the day after you have signed all Blood Pacts. Once a new Pact appears, your boost will be placed on hold until you sign the new Blood Pact; at which point the Boost will begin once again.


    Note that some of your Blood Pacts require different Resources and Items for their updates. Scrolls of Negotiation - Tier I and Scrolls of Negotiation - Tier II allow you to update Blood Pacts that affect Units in differing ways. Some Blood Pacts can only be accessed via Battle Marks. Pay attention to the Update and Signing requirements!