Global Tournaments

  • Global Tournaments
    Global Tournaments are special quests that allow you to cooperate with other Lord Marshals in order to complete global objectives. Participation is optional; however, the outcome of each Global Tournament can alter the structure of Shingård, resulting in permanent changes to the game map, and unlock rewards or new game features for participating players.

    Participation in Global Tournaments requires Lord Marshals to collect as many Tournament Points as possible by carrying out quests with various goals. The Tournament Points you collect will be held for safe keeping until the completion of the Tournament, at which point they will be exchanged for valuable rewards. All Global Tournaments are voluntary, and all participating Lord Marshals will be rewarded according to their contribution to the Tournament goal.

    All Lord Marshals are divided into Leagues according to their experience Level: Meat, Acolyte, Warrior, Veteran, Adept, or Master. The scale of your reward from a Global Tournament depends on which League you belong to when you begin the mission, so high-level players stand to win bigger rewards overall, but even novice players can earn big rewards if they achieve the top positions in their League. You and your fellow Lord Marshals are divided into Leagues at the start of the Global Tournament, and you will remain locked in your League for its duration, regardless of how much you level up during the mission.
  • Battle Marks
    You can only earn Battle Marks by attacking or defending Battlegrounds during active Global Tournaments. Battle Marks cannot be purchased using Fire Ale, Fish, Mushrooms or Emeralds, nor can they be exchanged or sent as gifts to other players. Other players are unable to claim Battle Marks from your Stronghold when raiding it. You can use Battle Marks to get access to some elusive Blood Pacts that are required to train special new units and unlock other game features. Once you've collected enough Battle Marks, go to the Black Market, open the "Battle Marks" tab and select the item(s) you wish to purchase.

    Check the Black Market to view the full list of items and features you are able to purchase.
  • PvP Warfare Tournament
    It's pretty simple: fight other Lord Marshals to get Tournament Points. It doesn't matter whether it's at Obelisks or Strongholds - the more of their warriors you take down, the more Points you'll get. The more Points you get, the better your rewards will be! Additionally, killing off other guys helps build a feeling of warmth and sense of brotherhood within your army.
  • Battleground Carnage Tournament
    In this Tournament, Lord Marshals need to use their Units to clear out Battlegrounds across Shingård. You will get Tournament Points for each one of the Ice Queen's undead Units you defeat. The more Points you collect, the bigger the Reward you will receive! Fight on and reap immense Rewards!
  • Raid Rally Tournament
    This is King Björn's favorite Tournament, as he feels it exemplifies the real spirit of competition - your success in the Raid Rally Tournament necessitates others' failure! Here's the deal: you get points for NET Resources raided from other Strongholds. This means that unlike the other Tournaments, your score can fluctuate; when your rivals raid you, the Resources they steal will be subtracted from your score. Guard your Stronghold well right to the end of the Tournament to make sure nobody takes any points off of you!
  • Obelisk Carnage Tournament
    This Tournament takes the battle onto the Global Map. Fight enemies at Obelisks, and earn Tournament points for each one you kill off! King Björn doesn't care whether they're Undead or just other Lord Marshals' Units, nor whether you're attacking or defending. He's just generally a fan of carnage.
  • Conscription Contest Tournament
    You can never have too many warriors. In this Tournament, Lord Marshals can earn Tournament Points by bolstering their armies. Train, hire or even revive Units – it doesn't matter how you get them, just that you get a lot of them. Stronger Units will earn you more points than the more basic ones, though.
  • Blood Pact Challenge Tournament
    The sword isn't always the solution. I mean, it usually is... but not in this Tournament! It's all about allegiances. Signing and updating Blood pacts will earn you Tournament Points. The more time a Blood Pact takes to Sign or Update, the more Tournament Points you'll rack up for it!
  • Construction Contest Tournament
    Your motley assortment of Orcs, Elves, Northmen and Dragons probably aren't too psyched about the cohabitation situation. The least you could do to boost morale is to keep the standards of living in your Stronghold high! Construct and upgrade buildings in your Stronghold to get Tournament Points. The longer a building takes to construct or upgrade, the more Tournament Points you will achieve! Don't let your Thralls be idle!
  • Clan Milestones
    As your Clan completes the Tournament objectives and collectively earns points, you may reach Clan Milestones. If your Clan reaches a Milestone, your Tournament reward will be multiplied by the indicated value! The bigger the Milestone, the greater the multiplier! The amount of points a Clan needs in order to reach the next Milestone will depend entirely upon the size of the Clan. The bigger the Clan, the more points they will have to earn, while the smaller Clans will need fewer points.
  • Clan Tournaments
    Clan Tournaments are special types of Tournaments that your Clan can participate in together. Any Tournament Points you collect will be added to your Clan's overall score. The more Points your Clanmates collect, the bigger the Clan Reward you stand to earn. ALL participating Clanmates will get the same Clan Reward. To qualify, you need to be a permanent member of a Clan. If you see a Clan Tournament as locked, it means you still need to complete your Clan Training and get promoted to a higher Clan Position. Rally your Clanmates and coordinate with them to make sure everyone is pulling their weight. Work together, and you should have no trouble winning big prizes!
  • XP Extravaganza Tournament
    This one's a win-win, Lord Marshal! Explore Shingård and gain Experience for in-game tasks. You can earn your Experience Points however you like. Make some undead orcs cry on the battlefield, pimp out your Stronghold or do some networking and negotiate some Blood Pacts! Basically, just do what you've been doing - as much as possible - and get prizes for it. You'll receive one Tournament Point per Experience Point gained while the Tournament is active. As you rack up XP, and songs about your awesomeness reach the farthest corners of Shingård, your rewards will increase!

    One caveat: Experience Points from claiming Daily Offerings don't count in this Tournament.
  • Stash Grab
    In this Tournament, there are two ways to earn Tournament Points.You're tasked with capturing, occupying and defending Stashes across the snowy lands of Shingård. You'll get Tournament Points for all the Resources you successfully collect from Stashes, so the longer you hold them, and the more Defensive Units you have stationed there to gather and load Resources, the higher your score will be. Note: Different Resources grant different amounts of Tournament Points. 10 Emeralds collected, for example, are worth more Tournament Points than 10 Fish. You'll also get Tournament Points for any enemy Units you take out while fighting at Stashes – regardless of whether you're on the offensive or defensive, and regardless of whether you win or lose the battle. For more information on capturing Stashes and holding them, refer to the "Stashes" section.
  • Stash Clash
    This Tournament tasks you with engaging in combat at Stash sites across Shingård. You'll get Tournament Points for every enemy Unit you successfully take out in battle at Stash sites, regardless of whether you were defending one that you held or attacking someone else's. Even if you lose the battle, you will still score Tournament Points based on the amount of enemies you took down with you! Note: Stronger Units may yield more Tournament Points than weaker ones. For more information on the different ways to engage Stashes, refer to the "Stashes" section of Björn's Guide to Pro Heroing.
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